Kuyana means «to share» in the indigenous Kichwa language. We share experiences, unique adventures, well-being, local traditions, and culture. We enjoy a location in a privileged area where nature is our main attraction.

We are a family of three: Ivo, Lu and our little Isaac. We abandoned our life in the city and decided to venture into our great dream: to recover a jungle space, and create a magical place where nature is the main character.

In 2016 our adventure began; we had the happiness of finding this magnificent reserve and it was not until 2017 that the construction and reforestation project of our space began. Incredibly we accomplished our dream, and within a year, we had roads, basic services, and 6 beautiful cabins.

Officially Kuyana Amazon Lodge received its first guests in September 2017, and from that date on we have witnessed how, with love and respect, nature has allowed us to share this dream. The Kuyana family is now larger and each person involved in this project manages to reach the hearts of those who visit, thanks to their dedication, commitment and kind treatment to our guests, exceeding their expectations and making them feel at home.