River view Garza Tigre Premium Double Cabin
Price per adult / night
$110 / pax
Price per child / night
$60 / pax
Check In 15:00
Check out 11:00

Our river view Garza Tigre Premium Double Cabin, combines thoughtful luxury with complete immersion in the rainforest. The cabin has a KING-size bed, a sofa bed. The glass paneled door gives the room warmth and natural light. The room has a capacity of 2 guests, the bathroom is an essential part of this experience that connects you with the landscape that surrounds you.

The name of the cabin is in honor of a slender bird with a leisurely walk. It measures from 43 to 48 cm, Orange beak with a black base and a reddish iris. The color of the wings is the most striking detail, they are brown, yellow, black, white, olive and gray with two brown and black stripes; and displays them in courtship. In flight, a large, dark eyespot can be seen on each wing. The luminous colors are also used to startle potential predators.

Information for the passenger

All tours include transportation, certified naturalist guide,
safety equipment if necessary, all entrance fees for activities,
rubber boots up to size 12 (UK) / 14 (US – men), and lunch.

What to bring for the excursions

▪ Daypack
▪ Swimsuit and possibly a change of clothes
▪ Head protection / helmet (in the lodge available)
▪ Dry clothes bag – waterproof bag – to keep the items inside
dry and safe
▪ Waterproof digital camera
▪ Water bottle
▪ sunscrean
▪ Insect repellent
▪ Change (in small shops it’s only possible to pay with up to 5
dollar bills)

Room details




Additional included

Balcony /Sight
Hot Water

Includes breakfast

Registration details

30% additional for single person bookings